Pet Products

Beds and Bedding

We first started out by making quality, safe and washable bean bag beds for your fur babies. Since then our range has grown. We now make:

Bean bag beds 
Nest beds
Budget beds
Pet Pockets (sleeping bags)
Single hammocks
Double hammocks
Sleeping sacks
Paw pillows / paw cushions

Our range caters for all types of animals, breeds, sizes and budgets





Pet Carriers

Over the years customers often asked for ways to carry their fur babies while out and about.

Many pets are either too frail to walk or unsafe on the ground.

Another concern was how to take your pet with you into shops that required them to be carried. 

It took some time but Snoozeez finally took this on board.

We began introducing items to make life easier for you and your precious ones which includes:


Pet Carry Slings





There are a number of reasons pet fashion is such a big hit with people. It helps keep fur babies warm, they are more visible, for celebrations and for pure enjoyment (more for the humans than the pets).

Snoozeez have developed their own range of fashionable attire for pets of all shapes and sizes. These include:

Pet Coats
Collar Bandanas
Winter Scarfes
Christmas Hats
Bow Ties


Our range is constantly growing so feel free to check back regularly for the ongoing updates to the fashion section.




Play Time

Snoozeez have designed many different toys for pets over the years. Throughout this time there have been a number of toys that have stood the test of time to prove their popularity:

Knot Toys

Tug Toys

Plait Toys

Octo Toys

Dog Toys

Cat / Small Dog Toys


There is something for every fur baby




 Meal Time

In addition to our wonderful array of pet products, we also stock items for meal times.

Snuffle Mats
Treat Signs





Lets Go Walking

When taking your dog out for the day it is important to ensure they are safe and comfortable. We have a number of items that help to make this possible.

Collar accessories
Car Restraints
Water Bottles
Poo Bag Holders



For The Birds

In addition to four legged fur babies, we also make and stock items for our feathered friends.


Bird Cage Aprons

Bird Seed

Bird Houses

Bird Feeders

Bird Toys

Our bird range is growing and we hope to provide you with additional items in the future.

We believe it is important to provide a comfortable environment for all types of animals, big or small, fur or feathered, wild or tame.




Animal Safety

To ensure the safety of our beautiful four legged fur babies, Snoozeez are stocking simple and easy items that can help you to protect and care for your pets.

The range will be increasing however we currently stock collar lights.

These come in four modes including flashing and attach easily to the collar.

Collar Lights