Pet Carry Slings




Pet Carry Slings

Here at Snoozeez we have developed our own way of carrying your smaller fur babies with you when out and about.

Pet Carry Slings ensure your pet is off the ground at all times and will keep them safe and warm.

Slings are only available in one size and will suit an animal with a maximum weight of 8kg.

Our pattern is unique to Snoozeez and took some time to perfect. 

It comes with 2 ribbons inside (1 on each side) to attach a collar or even to hang your keys.

There is also a clip provided for easy attachment and release.



The sling sits over your shoulder like a bag with the large section at the bottom.

Once you have placed the sling comfortably on you, carefully put your fur baby inside (butt first) and position them in place.

Make sure the section of the sling closest to you is pulled up to avoid your pet falling out when they first get in.

Attach them to the ribbon and hook, then watch your fur baby slowly relax and enjoy a stress free day with you.


How to Care for Your Pet Carry Sling

The sling can be washed in cold water either by hand or in your washing machine.

To dry, simply hang on the line along with your other Snoozeez items.

We are extremely proud of our design.

Pet Carry Slings are very popular especially by local rescue groups.

If you would like to order additional slings or see the other prints we have available, you can contact us any time.

We love our Pet Carry Slings and no doubt both you and your fur children will too.

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