Pet Coats – Custom Made

The advantage of selling hand made pet products is simple – we make to fit

Instead of purchasing a coat from a commercial retailer, hoping that it will fit your fur baby then taking it home and realizing it is too big or too small, we at Snoozeez will make you a coat that fits just right.

As we are pet friendly you can bring in your fur baby (or the measurements) and we can measure-up your pet to make a coat that fits just right.

If you do bring in measurements, please ensure you bring in the correct ones. We need the following:

Neck – measure around the neck 

Body – Measure around the centre of the body (mid way between front and rear legs). For deep chested dogs also measure the widest part of the chest (this will be an additional measurement)

Length – Measure from back of neck to top of tail










It usually takes 3 to 4 days (depending on selection of material and the amount of orders we have at the time) to make the item. After which we will ring you for your order to be picked up.

As we are open 7 days a week, there is usually a convenient time to visit.

All coats are made from soft, comfortable fleece material and are double thickness.