Nest Beds

After much success with our bean bag beds, we decided to provide our customers with an alternative bedding design. The result of this introduction were ‘Nest Beds’.

These are a no-sew bedding design that consists of a smaller size top and a larger size base. This provides a scrunched up look once the two halves are tied together.

Both the top and base are made from soft material such as fleece which enables your pet to have a soft place to curl up.

Nest beds do not have an inner bag as they are filled with stuffing, not beads.


The main advantage to these beds is the ease of washing. The entire bed can eithe rbe washed by hand or placed int eh washing machine in cold water. Eventhough the bed will be out of shape, they are easly manouvered back once dried.


Nest beds are only available in two sizes:

  • Large – Large base with medium top
  • Smal – Medium base with small top

They are lighweight, washable, easy to clean and comfortable. In fact Snoozeez Nest Beds are the ideal bed design for smaller pets, such as dogs and cats. The smaller size is even suitable for guinea pigs and ferrets.

You can find Nest Beds for sale on our online store, at various markets and pet shows that Snoozeez attend, or you can contact us for a quote.

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