Wooden Wall Signs

Not only is our pet product range increasing but so is our human product range. We stock fantastic gifts ideas such as our wooden wall signs. These are handmade locally and come in whatever design we can think of.

 Dog signs
Cat signs
Bird signs
Other animal signs
Human signs




Wine Bottle holders

All of our hand made products are designed and created by some very talented people. One such product is that of our wine bottle range. These are perfect for the wine / plant lover who is difficult to buy for. They are suitable for male and females and every age.

Horse wine bottle / plant holder
Dog wine bottle holder
Rat wine bottle holder
Rooster wine bottle holder
Kangaroo wine bottle holder
Fishing wine bottle holder




We are very lucky to have met a very talented lady who makes the gonk toys and animal keyrings.

Each one is made with love and care.

Paw print keyrings
Butterfly keyrings
Head keyrings
Tail keyrings



  Gonks – Monsters

Gonks are unique and cute toys for people (not designed for pets to play with). These make great companions for that special someone from kids to the elderly and everyone in between. We have cats, rabbits and owls available in store.

Cat Gonks
Rabbit Gonks
Owl Gonks





Our shop and amazing product range would not be complete without animal themed cushions. These are again the perfect gift for that special someone. The range is never static and is often inclusive of cats, dogs, horses, ferrets, rabbits and even the odd “Pugtato” cushion.

Dog cushions
Cat cushions
Horse cushions
Ferret Cushions
Other animal themed cushions



Animal Print Carry Bags

Ever needed an animal printed bag to carry around your fur babies items on that trip out or for your own bits and pieces, well we have just the bags in stock. These are also hand made with love by local talented people and suit any need.

Dog carry bags
Cat carry bags
Horse carry bags
Other animal carry bags



Draft Stoppers

Have you ever wondered how to stop the wind and dirt from getting in under your doors? Well wonder no more…….. our hand made draft stoppers are just the solution. These are thicker than your average draft stopper. They are also filled with wood chips which make them light and easy to use. They come in a variety of great quality animal prints and suitable for any household.

Animal Printed Draft Stoppers




Door Stoppers

In addition to the Draft Stoppers which help when your doors are closed, we also sell Draft Stoppers that help to keep your door open. These are also hand made and come in a variety of animal prints and panels. Most are filled with sand and / or shell grit (vermin free) as well as stuffing to keep them light enough to carry. 

Dog Print Door Stoppers
Cat Print Door Stoppers
Horse Print Door Stoppers
Other animal Door Stoppers



Bath Towels

Our human product range includes bath towels. Although some people have purchased these for drying off their fur babies after a bath, they were made with human use in mind.

Dog carry bags
Cat carry bags
Horse carry bags
Other animal carry bags





Shopping Bag Holders


Kitchen Towels

Many of our human products are designed to make the everyday tasks easier.

We stock hand made plastic bag holders and kitchen towels. 

These are made from cute animal themed prints such as dogs, cats, horses, birds, butterflies and many others.

You can purchase these items separately or as a matching set.

Plastic Bag Holders

Kitchen Towels






In addition to our wall signs and displays we also stock a variety of one off ornaments. These include various metal wall signs, key holders and other ornamental animal themed products. These make great gift ideas and a beautiful addition to any home.

Wall Signs
Key Holders