Dog Poo Worm Juice – NOW AVAILABLE

Spring time is now upon us which means we need to spend time caring for our plants and lawns.

Snoozeez are excited to announce their very own natural organic plant fertilizer:

Dog Poo Worm Juice

Yes this product is made from dog poo eaten by worms.

The dogs that provide their little goodies are healthy and are not due for their yearly shots for a few months.

After all what goes in must come out including into the worms.

This is the most natural way to help your plants and one that although may sound weird is the best form of recycling.

We sell two different sizes:

1ltr jars which are already 50% diluted


500ml jars which are undiluted and can be made up to 1 part juice to 10 parts water

Place the juice into a spray bottle to spray or tip directly onto the base of your plants then watch the magic grow 🙂