Dog Poo Worm Juice – NOW AVAILABLE

Spring time is now upon us which means we need to spend time caring for our plants and lawns. Snoozeez are excited to announce their very own natural organic plant fertilizer: Dog Poo Worm Juice Yes this product is made from dog poo eaten by worms. The dogs that provide their little goodies are healthy[…]

Pet First Aid Course – Sat 9th Sept 2017

Woohoo we are having another Pet First Aid course here at Snoozeez. There has been a large amount of interest in this course so it was wise to book one in and soon. Date: Saturday the 9th of September at 3pm To read more about this special event, go to the link below or click[…]

It’s OK Spray – Anxiety Spray

Online Store It’s OK! Anxiety Spray Natural Anti Anxiety & Stress Spray For Your Pets¬† (also suitable for people) This hand blended mix of pure essential oils & spring water can help alleviate symptoms of nervousness, stress & anxiety in your pets, and you. Scary car rides? Noisy storms? Unexpected visitors? Separation anxiety? There are[…]