Budget Beds

Budget Beds

At the beginning of 2016 we noticed some customers were after a smaller, cheaper non-bean bag bed option for their pampered pets. After sitting down and designing such an item, we realised we could keep the price low by utilizing the excessive amount of material we had left over after cutting out our other products.

With this in mind we started making budget beds. They are made out of smaller size material, are single layered (not double bagged) and are filled with material off-cuts (not beads). Beads can be extremely expensive to purchase and some pets do not like the sound they make, therefore material stuffed beds are a great way to go.

Budget beds only come in one size – 55cm in diameter. They are single layered and the inner material used to stuff the beds are not able to removed as there are no zips on the cover. However these beds can still be washed. Just as with our nest beds, once dried you simply manoeuvre them back into place.

Due to the smaller size, they are suitable for cats or small dogs. They could also be used as cushions for your home or pillows for your larger dogs. They are affordable and come in a variety of different prints, just as with our other bedding options.

Unfortunately due to the weight of the beds they will not be available in our online store. The price of postage would be too high. As a result you can only purchase them locally or from one of the markets, expos or shows that we attend. To see where we will be next, go to our Upcoming Events page.