Bean Bag Beds



The very first product that Snoozeez ever made was a bean bag bed. However we learnt very quickly that bean bags have a mind of their own. Therefore we started making our beds with an inner cover. This helped to ensure an easier way for washing and cleaning purposes and to provide not only a more comfortable night sleep for your pet but also a stronger bed.

Bean bags are a great bedding options for any pet but especially older dogs or pets with arthritis and hip issues. Your pet does not have to climb up onto the bed and can simply fall wherever they feel like. The bed will mould to their shape no matter where they end up.

There is no one way for your pet to sleep on their bean bag bed. Because the beds are a flatter shape, your loved pet can sleep curled up, stretched out, in the middle of the bed, hanging over the side, on their backs, sides or as one of my fur kids does half on the bed and half off. In fact we love watching the various ways dogs and cats find to sleep on their bean bag beds.

Bean bag beds come in various shapes which are usually round, rectangle and square.

Sizes include extra large, large, medium and small.

When purchasing a bean bag bed online from the Snoozeez store they do NOT come filled with beads. The cost of delivery would be too high. Therefore you need to purchase your own beads from your ocal shopping centre or department store.

Quantity of beads:

Extra Large beds take 2 x 100 litre bags of beads

Large beds take 1 x 100 litre bag of beads

Medium beds take 1/3 to 1/2 a bag of 100 litre beads

You can read the Snoozeez bean bag bed instructions which will give you everything you need to ensure your pet has a great night sleep on their very own soft, double bagged, bean bag bed.


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