The Snoozeez Story

Our story began in 2010 when my much loved fur kid, Diesel (a black Rotty x Labrador) was due for a new bed.

Whilst out and about one day I saw a large human bean bag at a local garage sale.

As he was a big dog, he needed a big bed. Many large beds are very expensive so this was a cheaper option.

The cover was a very unattractive blue and white cotton material. Mum decided to make him a brand new soft polar fleece cover.

From this point on Snoozeez was born.

Unfortunately Diesel passed away in 2013. Due to his companionship, love and loyalty over 15 years, we are able to provide beautiful hand made

products to other much loved pets both around Melbourne and throughout the world.

We hope to continue our belief that every pet, no matter what breed, type or size, deserves to be pampered and loved unconditionally.

After all, that’s what Diesel gave me.

Thank you for reading our story.