Grooming Products

Grooming Slings

Our range has increased to include grooming accessories with the first being slings.

These are designed to help aid in the grooming / nail trimming of anxious or scared fur babies. It helps keep them still for easier access and therefore keeps them safe.

Grooming Slings





Snoodz are designed for a number of purposes, from keeping pets ears out of their water and feed bowls, helping soundproof pets from hairdryers and to help keep their necks warm during the colder months.

All Snoodz come in a variety of materials, prints, colours and sizes.

Snoodz – Water / feed prevention

Snoodz – Neck warmers






 Grooming Aprons

In addition to grooming items for pets we also manufacture items for groomers.

These include grooming aprons. Our aprons wrap around far enough to cover all areas.

Grooming Aprons





Grooming Masks

Grooming masks help to protect groomers while they work.

These masks are designed to prevent repeated exposure to bacteria and fur particles that may be floating around in the air.

They have elastic to ensure masks stay in place.

Groomers Masks




Grooming Gloves

Grooming gloves make light work of grooming your fur babies.

These are very comfortable to wear and come in various colours.

These are one of our most popular items in the store and they do not usually last long once put on display.

They are slightly padded on the back to keep your hand soft and unaffected and they also come with velcro around the wrist. This ensures they stay on nice and tight throughout the whole grooming process.

From personal experience my cats and dogs love these gloves.

They often hang around wanting me to continue and not stop.